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To establish a more efficient operation. By observation of many, many facilities as well as my own experience in actual production, my expertise would improve your efficiency, which equates to saving money. This could be done by reducing man-hours required or increasing the amount of material processed. Office efficiency is also one of the areas that could be examined. What are the key numbers you should know?

You have a specific problem that an outside advisor can help you solve. You are probably too close to the situation. You need a less involved, less emotionally attached person to tackle your problem. You don’t have the experience or knowledge to address the problem. This can be processing or employee related.

You may just want an annual checkup. You go to the doctor once a year to examine your health. How about the health of your business?

Logistics is important to your operation. Don’t ignore the servicing of your scrap metal needs. Can you improve on the handling equipment you currently use? How about the location of the storing of the scrap? How about security?

You generate scrap metal with oil content. Are you AND your dealer handling the scrap properly to avoid downstream liability in the future? “Many consumers limit the amount of oil contained in the scrap metal that they purchase. Also, manufacturers continue to be responsible for the way their dealer disposes of their scrap. Are you a potential PRP at a hazardous waste site?”

You are or are not in compliance with environmental regulations. Is there a more economic way of achieving this compliance? Do you have an outside agency attesting to your compliance? Do you follow recommended procedures as they are modified and updated?

You want to streamline or automate the pricing of the scrap. What pitfalls should you address? Pros and cons of contract pricing and formulas.

You are a producer of multiple types or grades of scrap metal. Is it cost effective to mix grades to conserve handling and other costs at the detriment of price devaluation? Is it in your interest to have more than one vendor servicing you?

You have a specific problem with your current vendor?

You want an annual review of your procedures by an independent expert in handling all aspects of metals recycling.

Fees: Initial consultation is free of charge. After agreeing on the scope of consultation services required, an appropriate fee structure will be established.

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