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Brokerage Services
If you are a dealer/processor desirous of exporting your nonferrous and stainless steel scrap metal:

MRC can act as your agent.
Effective January 1, 2005 MRC has the following requirements:

You must be able to adequately describe your scrap, preferably using ISRI specifications.
You must be able to load overseas containers, or have the ability to arrange for it.
In the event you sell short or fail to make delivery, another supplier’s material may fill the order, or the order may be cancelled. You may be susceptible to pay any expense in order to cover this situation, but you may not be entitled to any credit should the order have been in your favor.
You must be able to offer your material at a competitive level, with a worst price scenario and leave the negotiation up to us, for an agreed upon time frame. You must promptly inform us if the material is no longer available, so we do not enter an unfillable order.

MRC charges 2% commission on all transactions based on the sale amount, with a minimum of $450 per container.
MRC reserves the right to NOT solicit customers for you.
MRC may present you with expenses incurred while verifying quality and quantity for certain materials (if agreed upon).
MRC does not require a deposit to represent you.

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